Who is Kundun?

Kundun! He shouted and walked towards me. I saw reverence and admiration in his eyes. Tears too.

What do you want? I would have said. I said nothing.

Kundun, I found you at last!

I’m not Kundun. Who is Kundun anyway?

Don’t play that trick with me. I found you once. I’ll not let you go this time. Kundun!

Who’s Kundun?


Me? I don’t even know what it means!

Haha…don’t play that game of yours.


You’re from Tibet, right?

No…I’m from Bhutan.

Close enough.

Look mister, I don’t know who you – ?

Kundun! At last I’ll die in peace! Please empower me, purify me, help me cross the ocean of Samsara…liberate me.

But I’m not Kundun…who’s Kundun anyway? Excuse me.

So I left. I could feel his teary eyes following me, his face frozen in some smiles. All I could think was, who’s Kundun?

Then I knew. I laughed.

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2 Comments on “Who is Kundun?”

  1. cosmicdust Says:

    yes, yes, yes…that’s him. believe me, i don’t look like him in any way!

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