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Drinks that suffer the beauty

September 30, 2008

Nobody seemed to like Kurosawa Akira, the Japanese filmmaker, who directed influential films like Seven Samurai, Yojimbo, Rashomon…I was the only one heaping praise after praise upon his works. My Japanese friend was the greatest hater of Kurosawa that night as he tried to balance his whiskey on the rocks and his hatred for the dead filmmaker. The Thai guy had never heard of him and was silent throughout the conversation. His only contribution that night was a couple of sodas and a pack of ice and maybe a few confused laughs. (more…)


Quote of the year

September 28, 2008

‘Being dirty is the lowest form of human existence.’ – Natalie Glebova, Miss Universe 2005, while racing on Amazing Race Asia Season 3.

Hmmm…I still wonder what she meant by that…maybe something on the line of ‘cleanliness is godliness’? 🙂

Dancing shadows, barking dogs

September 26, 2008

Shadows danced in darkness. They leapt into the air, glowed, disappeared for a while and appeared again, dancing around me. I didn’t even try to believe what I saw.

Far across the wooden bridge, dogs howled into thickness of the night. I shivered, and for a while, I thought I was dead. (more…)

The wrong choice

September 23, 2008

Two men – strangers – sat around the fire, brought together by mistakes. Each weighing their dreams, collecting their memories as silence deepend into the cold night. The only sound was their occasional grunts and the crakling of burning logs. Sometimes, as wind blew, the pine trees imitated the sound of the gushing river, probably flowing in the gorge below.

One was a bearded man, the other a bald. (more…)

The cliche of the full-half glass

September 16, 2008

‘The glass is half empty, see?’ said a thick voice from the far corner. I glanced and saw a couple of guys sitting under a dim light, red as the evening sun. Above them, on the wall, was posted a sign, ‘NO SMOKING’. They were smoking anyway. (more…)

Wise man’s burden

September 12, 2008

Time has brought us change,
Change that disturbed our feeble wisdom,
Wisdom that must sharpen with change.