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End of the tunnel

July 13, 2008

He could hear the sound of water, flowing somewhere in the darkness. He could hear the sound of his own heart, beating with anticipation. He crawled through darkness, his sense of sight useless.

How long is the tunnel? He thought.



The after life

July 12, 2008

An elderly doctor walked around, flashing torchlight into patients’ eyes, touching their wrists and chests with silicon gloved hands. When he came at the old man’s bed, he shook his head several times. There was a long conversation with one of the old man’s sons during which the old man’s son just kept nodding his head scratching the back of his ears.


The eyes of youth

July 9, 2008

Blue sky, white clouds floating in the sky.

Two boys, lying on their backs, stared into the sky, talking nonsense, philosophy, weaving dreams, laughing their youth into the backyard of adulthood.


The branch of hope

July 8, 2008

Back in the village, everything changed. The old man seemed to have lost his mind, or a part of it. He would sit idly staring across the horizon without saying a word at day’s end. What was he thinking?

Sometimes, he chopped a piece of wood, shredding it to pieces, talking to the knife and laughing all the time.