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Losar Tashi Delek

February 6, 2008

Happy Bhutanese, Tibetan, Chinese…New Year!

Click the Story of Tibetan New Year to know more about Losar.

Wishing everyone a happy, wish-fulfilling, prosperous and successful Year of the earth mouse 2135.

May peace prevail on earth!

Losar Tashi Delek!

PS: picture borrowed from with good cause


Dragon that fell from the sky

February 4, 2008

They felt dark forces looming across the gloomy skyline. Lightning stroke, breaking a few pine trees into halves. Thunder roared like the beating of a thousand drums. Children looked at their parents with fear. The parents themselves relied upon each other’s courage, already fading with each passing moment.

‘It’s the end of the world,’ someone said almost in a whisper.

‘Nonsense!’ said another, somehow believing it could be true.

Then they heard a rumble like the clapping of several slabs of rocks, which grew louder. Fear paralysing them, they looked into the sky.

‘It’s a dragon!’ someone gasped, ‘it’s falling down!’

They saw it clear. Black and big, it was breathing fire. It crash landed in a distant farm, ball of fire brightening and warming up the whole village.

A few days later, some of the villagers went off towards the site to see the dragon, dead and cold by then.

‘Hope the jewels are still there,’ said a man, smiling to himself.

‘We’ll share the jewels,’ suggested another.

The beast was turned upside down, its body sprawled on the hillside. Afraid, a man went to the beast and felt it.

‘It’s metal,’ he said.

Someone shouted, ‘there’s a man there! a man!’

They looked around and saw a man limping towards them. All around the place, it was littered with dead bodies.

When the rainbow’s gone

February 3, 2008

She ran, raising her hands in the air, trying to catch the raindrops that teased her face. Tongue out, she tried to taste them.

Sun shone, its rays filtered through a thin opening in the clouds. The little girl was happy.

When rain stopped, she ran to her mother and cried.

‘What are you crying for?’ said the mother, ‘look at you! All wet…go change your clothes!’

‘But mom,’ began the little girl, a lump choking her throat.

‘What!’ shouted her mother.

‘…there was a rainbow there…and it’s gone,’ and sobbed bitterly.

Light and Darkness

February 2, 2008

A blind man looked into the sun and laughed.

Then he shouted, ‘the light does not hurt my eyes!’

People looked at him with mixed emotions. Some pitied him while some chuckled for the fun of it.

‘Where’s that?’ he wondered, reaching out his hands for support, ‘where’s that?’ and walked straight to a pit.

Vicious Circle

February 1, 2008

Then I bumped onto a man, lost and perhaps wounded. What ensued made little sense.

‘Hello,’ said he.

‘Hi,’ said I, ‘how’s everything?’

‘Not good…’

‘Not good? Why so?’


‘Anything I can do?’

‘Can you spare me some change?’

Gave him some…

‘Do you work?’

‘Yes,’ said the man, ‘don’t have money to go to work…’