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Poetry’s not for me!

January 31, 2008

What’s wrong with me? Poetry is not for me…

In a room that you lie in depression,
there hangs a piece of cloth by the window
loamy in the afternoon sun.

Heat, oppressing like saddened heart,
sweat tickles down your face,
yet I’ll never know,
why I mistook them for tears.

Time has wrinkled around your eyes,
you writhe your face in pain,
yet you seem to smile,
that quickly pass as it appears,
yet I’ll never know,
if you smiled at me or to yourself…


Scattered wooden beads

January 30, 2008

It was a long night.

A kerosene-filled metallic lamp flickered, sending up smokes and brightening the room dully. Ap Tshampa struggled to read from the darkened scriptures, adjusting his thick glasses.

Karma, a boy of nine, lay whimpering on the hard wooden floor. He was burning and sweating with fever. He groaned with pain, his little chest heaving under the thick yak-hair blanket.

‘Nothing will happen,’ said Ap Tshampa, ‘he’ll be fine.’

Ap Tshampa said it was the evil spirit. He made ritualistic offerings to the deities and spirits.

Health Clinic was a day’s walk from the village. The boy’s mother considered taking him after the rituals. Ap Tshampa had already charted out a favourable day to go to the Clinic.

Aum Wangmo counted beads, saying prayers through the night.

Towards dawn, the little boy cried out in pain. Looking over a thin steak of light filtering through an opening at the wooden door, he gazed into eternity.

He looked around and saw his mother dozing, her rosary broken, 108 beads scattered in darkness.

He held a piece of bead, looked into the light and smiled.

Words of the wise man from the north-west

January 28, 2008

Then came the wise man from the north-west with all his wisdom. Along came his consorts too, draped in fine jewels, jewels of knowledge and compassion, jewels of loving kindness and clarity.

I was too blind to see.

The wise man told me of the world’s sufferings and cares. I did not care.

‘Remember, this is not a dream…’ said the wise man from the north-west, his kind face serene and ferocious. He scared me.

Then he told me of a prophecy, hidden deep in the recess of human ignorance, a prophecy that would one day liberate every being from the ocean of defilements, a prophecy that will undo this life, this death, this existence.

The wise man from the north-west disappeared like puff of smoke into vastness. I clung onto his words, frail and disappearing from my memory like shadows into the night, until a voice shook me from my wakefulness.

It was short-lived. Was that a glimpse of enlightenment? I grudged the compassion of the Bodhisattvas.

Oh, how I slumbered back to my ignorance!

I woke up and I was still living…

We just live

January 27, 2008

A group of people were chatting away their time near a bus-stop overlooking a large shopping mall. A blind couple were singing some ancient songs, raising their begging bowls into the air. People threw a coin or two, the sound of which made the blind couple smile.

The noise of traffic along with pale blue smoke from the exhaust pipes deafened and blinded me for a while.

Where do all these people go? Where do they come from? I thought.

Like ghosts, they rubbed each other of their consciousness, seeming to know their places, their purpose.

Then a man opened a can of fish and gave them to a couple of puppies, black as darkness. The puppies did not eat them. Nearby, a young beggar swallowed hunger looking at the can of fish then he looked sympathetically at the man with the fish. The man looked at the beggar with generation of hatred. The beggar walked away into the crowd.

Buses came and went. Taxi drivers were showing naked pictures of girls to some tourists. Some of them laughed waving their hands in dismissal while some went along in search of pleasures.

What is this life? How do we live? I thought.

Then a voice at the back of my mind said, we just live.

Cannot open blogs

January 26, 2008

I am having trouble opening blogspot blogs. I also cannot open most of the blogs. Is blogger banned at this part of the world?

I am posting this using a proxy, but the features are limited and I cannot edit or change the layout of my page (still lots need to be done with this blog’s skin)…

Anyway, let’s see what happens…

By the way, I cannot visit KC’s page too…

Blogs banned? Or something wrong with the ISP?


January 25, 2008

Since I cannot think of anything to write, I am (yet again!) playing with the template. This is my third attempt this morning. Geez, it’s already 4 am!

Feedbacks, criticisms, cynicisms, suggestions…welcome.

Tell me how it works there…

Knowing the Politicians

January 25, 2008

Also posted at Bhutan Daily

I have been following the interviews of our MP contestants. Do the interviews reflect their capability and sensibility?

On a higher note, I have began to develop some kind of hatred towards some of the candidates, all through their interviews.

One such candidate is Mr. Sonam Tobgay of People’s Democratic Party. When asked about his favorite proverb, he says, None – I don’t rely on proverbs to get my point across. My first thought was, does he read? That’s understandable though.

And when asked, Which ministry would you like to head given a chance?, he answers out of nowhere, Nothing should be left to chance – especially the selection of our ministers. A minister cannot be bureaucratic, a technocrat, or an autocrat – but someone who can inspire and motivate the bureaucracy to think innovatively and provide prompt and efficient services. Now, is this an answer to the question? You tell me…

And another candidate that puts me off at the first answer is PDP’s Namgay Om. When asked about her lo (lunar year of birth), she remarks, Never ask a lady her age, and a gentleman his salary. Which century are you living in, madam? I mean, no one was asking her how old she was. That was a generalised question. Then her opponent is her shadow!

Now, Ugyen Dorji of DPT. His answers prove he is worth something. Just follow his answer at his page at Kuenselonline. Compare his answers with his opponent.

You can catch their interviews (updated regularly) at Know your candidates.