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Heinrich Böll – A Literary Genius

June 29, 2007
Heinrich Böll (1917-1985)

Heinrich Böll was born in 1917, and after the war devoted himself to writing. He won a succession of German literary prizes, including the Critic’s Prize in 1953, and was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1972.

One of Germany’s most popular and prolific authors, Heinrich Böll gained international fame as a chronicler of the Federal German Republic (1949-1990). Critics have generally emphasized his strong ethical stance, which stemmed from his personal philosophy of Christian humanism and sympathy for the downtrodden. He died in 1972.

I’m reading this at the moment…

The Clown.

The face of a clown is the face of innocence, and innocence goes to the wall in German society after the Second World War, when double-dealing and double standards have become a way of life. Heinrich Böll’s clown is a professional entertainer in his late twenties who has reached the end of his tether: an unhappy drunk abandoned by the women he loves, too honest and disillusioned to compromise, he sits in his lonely flat and calls for help or consolation of any kind. For this is a study in hypocrisy – emotional, sexual, religious and political – where the majority are smugly blinkered and the rest are caught in a trap they fail to understand, let alone escape.

Need I say more?

His other works (Source: Wikipedia)

Kreuz ohne Liebe, written 1946-1947; publ. 2002
Der Zug war pünktlich (The Train Was on Time), 1949
Das Vermächtnis (A Soldier’s Legacy), written 1948-1949; publ. 1981
Wanderer, kommst du nach Spa (Stranger, Bear Word to the Spartans), 1950
Die schwarzen Schafe (Black Sheep), 1951
Nicht nur zur Weihnachtszeit (Christmas Not Just Once a Year), 1951
Wo warst du, Adam? (And Where Were You, Adam?), 1951
Der Engel schwieg (The Silent Angel), written 1949-1951; publ. 1992
Und sagte kein einziges Wort (And Never Said a Word), 1953
Haus ohne Hüter (House without Guardians), 1954
Das Brot der frühen Jahre (The Bread of Those Early Years), 1955
Irisches Tagebuch (Irish Journal), 1957
Die Spurlosen (Missing Persons), 1957
Doktor Murkes gesammeltes Schweigen (Dr. Murke’s Collected Silence), 1958
Billard um halb zehn (
Billiards at Half-past Nine ), 1959
Ein Schluck Erde, 1962
Ansichten eines Clowns (The Clown), 1963
Entfernung von der Truppe (Absent Without Leave), 1964
Ende einer Dienstfahrt (End of a Mission), 1966
Gruppenbild mit Dame (Group Portrait with Lady), 1971
Die verlorene Ehre der Katharina Blum (
The Lost Honour of Katharina Blum), 1974
Fürsorgliche Belagerung (The Safety Net), 1979
Was soll aus dem Jungen bloss werden? (What’s to Become of the Boy?), 1981
Vermintes Gelände, 1982
Die Verwundung (The Casualty), early tales, publ. 1983
Frauen vor Flusslandschaft (Women in a River Landscape), 1985 (publ. posthumously)


Blog Addiction…

June 28, 2007

Nothing to update on…actually, I have tonnes, but feel too lazy to type them off my notepad. Laziness is burden! *lol*

Anyway, was browsing through blogs and came across this…and took the test. Silly thing to do.

64%How Addicted to Blogging Are You?

Should I be proud??? How addicted are you?

Happiness – a Wish…

June 25, 2007



Happiness, we say and smile, smile weighed down by sadness, sadness moistened with hope, hope grilled in shades of promises, promises soaked in grief…

Happiness, we say, a poor man’s wealth; a rich man’s burden; a madman’s toy; everyone’s desire.

Happiness…a melancholic song of longing, a freedom of the floating clouds, clarity of the clear blue sky, the soothing balm of the gentle breeze, a relaxing sweetness of silence, a twilight joy of the setting sun, a tranquil lightness of being…

Happiness…a wish, a prayer, a gift…to all my gentle readers.

Sweet Sorrow

June 23, 2007

Look, look at them, look at all the sad people, stewn all over like useless bones to be collected and burnt and cast away into oblivion. Look at them walking without minds, minds disrobed of intelligence.

A fairy tale, cropped out of a neighbour’s friend’s imagination told tales of happy gatherings, gathering of hope and promises. ‘…lived happily ever after.’

I look around and can only see sad people clutching onto their frayed consiousness, not even aware of their existence.

So they walk, so it seems, like ghosts, like dogs in a forsaken street without will or purpose to live. I see them walking toward darkness, winding and unwinding themselves into misery.

Sadness is a mistake. Suffering a hassle. So is happiness. We boil our consciousness in a cauldron stewed with ignorance, greed, hatred…for what?

You look at me with pity and remorse. You feel I feel them too. You seem to laugh at me. I do not judge you. I do not laugh at you. I do not even pity you. I just look at you with sadness and helplessness. Even if you do not feel them, I can feel them – for you.

Come, let’s cuddle ourselves in cold sadness and bask our dreams in the warmth of deathless hope.

Fly on the Wall

June 22, 2007

There I was, firmly posted in the midst of dim-witted bozos bullying their half-baked sensibility over a stale joke. They tried hard to laugh, their laughter crackling in the air as they punched each other gleefully, spits frothing out of their mouths.

I did not laugh.

They looked at each other and frisked themselves of their sanity. They did not see me. Not even their sanity, if they had any.

Smoke filled the room along with putid strench of beer. They clank their glasses with countless cries of ‘cheers!’ punctuated with drunkard philosophical talks. Each of them tried to justify their insanity. They succeeded.

A loosely attired girl walked in. They stared at her amorously, winefully, insanely. They did not see me.

Somewhere, dogs barked into the night. ‘These damned dogs!’ shouted one of them and waved his hand, driving off a fly, eyes still fixed on the semi attired girl who had sat in a corner. She was soon surrounded by friendly drunkards, brewing sweet talks, showering hapless smiles on her.

I gathered my senses (along with my sanity) and walked away…

Music meme: what are you into?

June 21, 2007

While I was out of blogosphere, I was tagged by Matt of the Lost Boy Fame 🙂 to do this music meme. Sorry matt, for being late for this…

He says it doesn’t need much explanation… so here it goes (answers would vary with mood? 🙂

5 – You’re going on a long journey, what five albums MUST you take with you? Albums that you need to listen to regularly.

Dire Straits – Greatest Hits
Pink Floyd – Greatest Hits
Van Morrison – Back on Top
Muddy Waters – His Best
The Band – The Last Waltz

4 – What four albums/songs do you most associate with a journey or travel experience? You know, the ones you listen to that instantly transport you back to a place and time.

Beatles – Yesterday
Alan Jackson – The way I am
Bob Dylan – On the Road Again
Moody Blues – The Best Way to Travel

3 – Your three favourite songs of all time?

Beatles – Yesterday
Bob Dylan – Mr. Tambourine Man
Dan Fogelberg – Sutter’s Mill

2 – Two feel good songs, the ones that are guaranteed to lift the blues and put a smile on your face.

Alanis Morissette- Hand in my Pocket
Bobby McFerrin – Don’t Worry, Be Happy

1 – Absolute, overall, undoubtedly the best album of all time, in your opinion.

Pink Floyd – Dark side of the Moon

Well, that’s it…and I happily tag KC, Pat and Spidergurll 🙂 so, let’s hear your music 🙂

Voices in the Dark

June 14, 2007

I feel weak, famished, done…

What am I doing here? Where am I?

Oh, if only I could move my hands and legs! Voices, I can hear voices, strange and familiar. I know that voice. Whose’s it?

Dark, it is dark here. If only I could open my eyes!