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There you go (again!)

January 31, 2007

There you go again!

No, no, he will understand you. I do hope so.

He is not blind. Nor are you. Why must you pretend you don’t see him? Why so? He is also a human being, like you, yes, just like you. He can see. He can hear. He can taste. He can smell. He can feel. He can think. Yes, exactly like you.

There you go again!

Don’t sneer. He is having his share of pains. So must you. One day. No one is perfect. Are you?

That look. Those eyes. Your eyes. You look at him only to look away. What are you thinking about when you see him? I can see you looking at him. I can see that crooked smile on you lips. I can see how you loathe him, detest him, dislike him, hate him…I can see your thoughts (and feelings too) clearly reflected on your face.

He doesn’t look at you, nor at me. He doesn’t look at anyone. He is not even looking at himself. But why do you look daggers at him? Why do you bear generation of hatred against him? Because he is less fortunate than you? Because he looks poor? Seems poor?

Money is not everything. He would be happier than you. Who knows? Are you afraid to look at him just because he is poor? Are you embarrassed that your eyes fall on him, even accidentally?He would be a rich man someday. Who knows?

There you go again!

Stop it! Stop that!


Bhutanese Bloggers

January 28, 2007

Bhutanese are also beginning to blog. I saw Drukgirl long time ago and immediately became her fan. Next is a guy called Ugyen, and he has several blogs and Bhutan Cricket Weblog is one of them. I appreciate the ones who love this game. Me? I cannot love cricket for unobvious reasons.

Then there is Kuzu Weblog, a Bhutanese blog in a Bhutanese perspective. Writers and people seeking to be writers (and who think they are writers) put up their articles in this blog. The articles are pregnant with Bhutanese theme and oftentimes resourceful in many ways, though, sometimes, some comments seem to make more sense than the actual article. Mr. Tshering Norbu is the CEO (Cheap Executive Operator, as he calls himself) of the Kuzu Weblog. The first anniversary of Kuzu Weblog was yesterday, the 27th of January.

Other Bhutanese bloggers? I don’t know…there could me many of us…

Bhutan launched its first internet service sometime in 1999 (not so sure, have to look up)…and I am tired to give out the details as of now.

Book Meme

January 26, 2007

I have been tagged (for the first time in my blogging life) by KC (the Earth-Bound Insight) with a Book Meme…

Well, here are the rules!

1) Grab the book closest to you
2) Open to page 123, go down to the fourth sentence
3) Post the text of the following 3 sentences on your blog
4) Name the author and book title
5) Tag two people to do the same

A passing effort at finding out more about her turned up only another statement from somewhere to the effect that she knew nothing about books, only about cards and men. This was a promising start for a female character in a humorous and erotic novel to be a sexual biography of somebody’s wife. But pondering further and more deeply about her initial comment, Pota began to be puzzled more and more by that second time of her lord’s pleasuring her with the boots on.

Author: Joseph Heller

Book Title: Portrait of an Artist, as an Old Man

I tag Coffeeperkeer and Ratzaz

Zen and the Art of Shopping or Eating…

January 24, 2007

Zen. Zazen. Ah! The eastern Art of mental peace and eternal bliss!
Zen has many uses. Zen for the mind. Zen for the body. Zen for the painting. Zen for the living (and maybe dead too). Zen for walking. Zen for sleeping. Zen for waking. Zen for cooking. Zen for gardening. Zen for interior decoration…
I remember reading a book called, ‘Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance’ the author of which has escaped my mind. It was a good book. I think.
Zen or Zazen is an art that attempts to ‘grasp the moment’. Living life in modern times can be tricky and depressing. The art of Zen or Zen itself teaches us the uses of life and how to live life as it comes. ‘Be mindful,’ says some zen master, whatever it means. A seemingly ridiculous and almost notorous zenish view holds that there is no past, no future…only the present, only ‘this’, only ‘now’.
I was told of a painting by a Zen Master, which is only a circle in a large canvas. Where is the space? Is it inside or outside the circle? Challenges the Zen Master. It is a tricky challenge.
Talking of challenges, modern world provides ample of challenges to live life the way we want (and do not want). Moreover, city life is consumed in nullifying our sense of time bounded by duty and fettering responsibilities. Some of the city dwellers spent their lives hopping from one departmental store to another, with the hope of finding peace of mind. Such times demand a stronger and even clearer mental bearings.
Zen could be the answer.
Departmental Stores and large shopping plazas that house branded goods are thronged with people that could be easily classified into two categories: a) one who has the money, and b) one who thinks he/she has the money, the latter of which dominates the higher percentage inside such plazas. Woeful as it is, the ones who think they have the money are the ones on the disadvantage as they are pained more and easily by their own expectations and the lack of resources. The ones with the money brush off their platinum or gold credit cards with anything they want from the store.
Anyway, as I was saying, Zen and Zazen has many uses and cannot be confined to monasteries and retreat centres alone. Seeing and realising its impact on modern society, Zen has come out of its holistic purpose to appease the minds of city dwellers.
Zen shopping center and Zen Restaurant are some of them.
It is not known about the benefit it renders to the minds of the shoppers or eaters though. Whatever it is, such shopping malls and restaurants do seem to appease the minds of the entrepreneurs.

What was that Dream?

January 21, 2007

I laughed.
It was a funny dream. I think it was a dream. Was I asleep?
Well, in this dream that I dreamed when I was asleep or awake or both, a man claiming to be my father appeared. He was not my father though. He was called ‘the father’. A strange man he was that everyone trembled from head to toe with fear over reasons I did not know. It was such nice trembling that I still tend to tremble even now, as I think of ‘the father’ in my dream that I dreamed when I might have been asleep or awake or both.
‘Dreams are partial…’ oh! Forget it!
Anyway, the father in my dream was a strange man (didn’t I already say this?).
I was a fine man too, in my dream of course, a man of abundance wealth and health – sometimes ill-health too – and wisdom. The father was also a man of wealth and health – and sometimes ill-health too – and maybe wisdom. The father was the father of everyone. He was my brother’s father too, I mean my neighbour’s. Such a father he was.
The father’s ability to tremble people from head to toe had grown halfway through my dream. I was told my a dream friend about people trembling from head to toe in presence of the father who had become accustomed to people trembling from head to toe.
‘You will tremble soon,’ said my dream friend.
‘Never,’ said I to my dream friend.
The father loved me. He loved everyone. So we thought. He will never make me tremble before him, I thought gleefully.
I was wrong.
What happened next is blank. So many things happened that seem empty and almost useless. I remember vaguely, like a shadow cast over darkness, the father’s hand pointing here and there and to me. He looked at me, smiled and said something I do not remember. I just said, ‘yes’ or something like this.
Then I just trembled from head to toe. Maybe I pissed a drop or two, maybe three or more.
The place where my land was was just an empty space: hollow, dark and nothingness. My house had just disappeared into thin air (as the expression goes). Everything I thought I owned was gone, just evaporated into nothingness. Everything existed but the ones I owned and belonged. It was like a dream. It was a dream. Or both. Even the father was gone.
I didn’t know what to do. Of course I wouldn’t. I just gazed into the empty space and sang a song or two. Then I removed all my clothes and pissed into the emptiness.
I thought of the father and trembled from head to toe.
I laughed. I just laughed to calm myself and woke up laughing.
I was shivering from head to toe. The blanket had fallen off the bed…Oh shit, I thought and maybe said it aloud, and checked if the bed was wet. It wasn’t.
I laughed again.
It was just a dream, I chuckled to myself.

Was I asleep?

Political Change

January 19, 2007

What kind of change is that?
These days, everything is measured and determined in terms of political sanctions. The royalty of a nation or economy as such is constructed on political pillars. Happiness, prosperity, and even poverty breathe out political fumes. What is this happiness, this prosperity, this poverty, if not the facet of political subsidies? Where do they meet?
The mere suggestion of poverty in economic development is nothing but lack of material abundance and generosity. Happiness is believed to be nestled in our culture, simply tucked in purses of the privileged. Poverty is a political dreg. Here, the uselessness of an otherwise important faction of the society is circumcised of its potentials to the point that it almost sounds derogatory.
A national plan is always charted out for their benefit, policies framed for the betterment of their livelihood, strategies formulated to lift them off of their inadequate material bargains. It almost seems that prosperity and happiness do not matter to the poor. The pathology of the poor suggests that collective obligation would design a better society, along with happiness associated with the alleviation of poverty.
However, wrong political ideologies employ means to exploit the weaknesses of the underprivileged. Once political ideologies get into the human system, everything that a political figure stands for is misrepresented. A village or community politician in face of material promises and delights often ditches his cause and where he stands, thereby bragging his non-cause cause in face of civilities. He questions the very government that he represents and see if he secured better personal bargain. In short, he forgets whom he represents.
Rural folks are often pampered with promises of high-sounding benefits. Their needs, shrouded in political gimmicks, revolve around roads and bridges, electricity and safe-drinking water, proper housing and nutrition. Nonetheless, they always hope and pray for better harvest. Abundance of crops at the end of the season. Roads or bridges that would carry their representatives in their land cruisers would matter the least for the people living below poverty line.
The influential and the privileged make political choices that further aggravate the plight of the vulnerable, wrongly justifying these choices with Buddhist concept of karma. But beliefs can be changed with the understanding that poverty is a human creation, amenable to human solution. There are moments when the drapery of theories justify the need of the community than the want of an individual.
In a nation, where democracy is still in the womb of political change, politicians should ensure its healthy birth and growth. In so doing, our rural folks, glimmering with doubts and fear, hopes and dreams, would be tended upon with warm change. After all, they would matter the most in realising the success of political reforms initiated by His Majesty the King. It is just a wish that the representatives of our people would deliberate on issues that do not pertain to pool vehicles and housing facilities as well as other modern amenities for themselves. They must rather find voice and strength to fulfil His Majesty’s farsighted visions and noble aspirations for the benefit of every Bhutanese, especially the poor.

Weird and Sensible Signs

January 17, 2007

It’s amusing to come across signs and boards with weird as well as sensible messages. Some of them would not be making any sense, but some are thought provoking.

I will watch out for more…

You Order. We Delivery.
– OFFICE CENTRE, Sidhorn Building, Bangkok (Thailand)

Ironing Perhibition.
Sign in a Hotel Room, Bangkok

Music You…Style You…
– As announced over the loudspeaker @ BIG C Shopping Complex, Bangkok (He meant to say, ‘Your Music…Your Style…’)

Stealing will be fined one hundred fold of the price
– Road/Streetside Shops, Bangkok, Thailand

If you drink like a fish, SWIM, DON’T DRIVE
– Bumper Sticker (Perhaps copied, but I liked it!:)

CAMEL Aventure
– Sticker in a Shop, Bangkok, Thailand