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A Series of Unfamiliar Events…

November 30, 2006

Yup, that’s right, I didn’t jump off the bridge. I mean, there wasn’t any bridge. The nearest bridge was some kilometers away. I thought, what the hell, I’ll jump off some other time if I may have to. Moreover, it was pointless. I wouldn’t have done it anyway the coward that I am.
Well, this blog starts out to be quite depressing. I can’t help it. This is my page, right? I can do whatever I want. Not quite. Sorry folks.
On the way to the work place, I came across so many peculiar things. I would rather keep them out of the blog. I mean, it’s strange what people do with their lives. Everyone seems to be functioning like machines, though some are just technological junkies.
Most of the people seem to have lost their mind. This is just my perception. I could be wrong. I wish I were wrong.
You understand what I’m saying? Don’t worry. I don’t know what I’m saying either. This is what education has done to me as much as I hate confessing it.
What was I saying? Ah, yes, peculiar things. See? How I forgot what I was saying!
Oh! I hate politics. Paris Hilton too. What the…? Not that song again! Stars are blind? So what? This bitch got no brains. Paris Hilton. Never mind that…
Speaking of Paris Hilton, I heard she went down into the Guiness Book of World Records for something. The title slipped my mind. May not be worth mentioning anyway.
Ummm…Heart of Darkness. Still struck. No progress. Quite a good book though.
A few days ago, a girl named (rather nicknamed) yuri on recommended a book. I had met her on druknetchat and we talked about books and stuff and she asked me if I read this book the title of which had escaped this girl’s mind and I asked her if she could look it up and send me. She did. ‘da name of da bok is “The Story of Philosophy” -Will Durant(author)”, she had msg me, adding, ‘i always keep mah promise(rem? i said i’d gib u da name of da book on monday?)’. Yes, Monday it was. Thank you, yuri. I’m already falling in love with her, well, that’s an exaggeration. But who knows?
Well, that wasn’t peculiar.
Well, I didn’t get the book. Even Kinokuniya Books didn’t have it. I ended up buying “Train Man” compiled by Nakano Hitori (meaning One of Us). It’s lifted directly from Japan’s 2-Channel chat forum claimed to be the world’s largest message board, where netizens help a nerdy young guy into a relationship with a girl that he saved from a drunkard in a train. Sounds interesting.
Anyway, I wonder if anyone ever read my blog. If only some of you or at least one of you leave a message or a comment would I know the truth.
So long, cheerio and may goodness come upon you.


I Think I’m Losing My Mind…

November 29, 2006

I woke up feeling kind of weird and totally out of myself…wonder what’s happening to me. I had this ocassional feeling of ennui or anxiety since I was in High School. Some things never change. Maybe I am losing my mind. Is enlightenment losing one’s mind? Mmm…don’t think so, right? I think it’s rather recognising one’s mind.
Now I am feeling as grim and gloomy as the weather.
Anyway, I cannot seem to enjoy reading anymore! There were times when I could complete a 300+ page book in one go. Now I find it extremely difficult to complete even a very thin Book. I mean, I bought Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness around two weeks ago, and I am still struck somewhere in the beginning. Kurtz, a character in the book, is supposed to be losing his mind, but I’ve realised it’s me who’s really losing the mind. Talk about ironies!
I’m still feeling that weirdness that I woke up with. Tried to wash it down with ice coffee. Didn’t work. I tried a coke. Same. Maybe I should try jumping off a bridge. That would settle, but that’s not the best option yet…
Mood swings…you call it? I’ll wait and see what happens. If I don’t update this page, then I’ve already jumped off the bridge. Hope I don’t drown!

Welcome!!! but it’s kinda messy…

November 28, 2006

Welcome to my WORLD! Mind you, I’m not shouting here. I’m just welcoming you to waste some of your time reading useless crap on my site. In the event that you feel you are on the losing end, leave something for me in the comments box. Maybe we’ll work together to make MY blog a better place to hang out.
Umm…I tried my first article for my first blog and nothing came to mind. Before I began this blog, I had tonnes of things to write and share my feelings with friends and strangers in the cyberspace. Futile attempt! I took a break and went to the loo. Sitting on the poop pot, following are the only things that popped up. DARN!!! What a way to begin your first blog? Hope you will forgive me! It doesn’t matter even if you don’t feel compassionate enough to forgive me. Be angry, upset, or whatever! You can still use my comments box for that. So use them. All yours.


Wait, yes, just awhile,
I’ll go back
to fetch the umbrellas.

What? How must I know?
Stand under a tree,
go find a cave,
and bury your head in…

What? I know that,
I too will get wet,
This is rain, you see.

No, I don’t mind,
Sure, why must you worry so?
There aren’t ghosts here,
it’s the middle of the day…

Huh? Yes?
It sure is a weird day,
No, I’m not laughing…
It’s just that…
You see, we’re already wet.

Should we need the umbrellas now?